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Upholstery Cleaning Services

Shiny Carpet Cleaning provides the highest standards of upholstery cleaning protocol.







Our technicians are carefully trained to ensure your home or business safe.

We use EPA-registered disinfectant that is effective against Coronavirus

We follow CDC recommendations and guidelines.

We use EPA approved spray system

Thorough cleaning to remove biofilms from all surfaces.

It is not only good for your bottom line, it's the law.

Our technicians are carefully trained to ensure your home or business safe.

We use approved spray system

Thorough cleaning to remove biofilms from all surfaces.

It is not only good for your bottom line, it's the law.

Some Of Our Happy Customers Say

The cleaning crew arrived on time, which was impressive considering I’d only made the appointment that morning. They are really professional and Perfect work. I really highly recommend this place

Myra Osman

Google Reviews

We have two shag rugs and two large dogs, all have definitely had better days. My husband and I are in our house all the time now and really started to notice how bad of shape the rugs were in. I called Shiny Carpet Cleaning and the guy was super helpful. The whole thing was contactless and at a great price! I would definitely recommend them.

Maria G.

Yelp Reviews

Awesome customer service and awesome job on the carpets. Tech showed up on time and was very professional. Very reasonable and fair pricing as well. Been using Shiny now for several years. Highly recommended.

Brian Bullock

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We have been in business since 2006. Over the decade, we have significantly improved our workmanship and have offered meticulous solutions.


Our 100% positive feedback from customers prove that we prioritize customer satisfaction.


By keeping your busy schedule in mind, a special “Same Day” service is provided by our experts.


We use environmentally friendly materials that are non-toxic; yet, clean the dirt efficiently!


We do not just offer the best services but our estimates are the least expensive that you’ll find in the area!


Our highly-trained staff is insured, licensed and bonded. All our cleaners are highly motivated to offer professional services.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have never made our success overnight. Shiny Carpet Cleaning is your best local upholstery, carpet, tiles, grout, and furniture cleaning service. We cater to both residential and commercial establishments in Springfield and the Greater DMV Area.

We are very thankful that you have entrusted us with the critical task of deeply cleaning the challenging parts of your home and office. Our cleaning associates have undergone daily training to keep up with the various standards imposed by the CDC, EPA, and IICRC.

Aside from your upholstery and carpets, your mattress requires at least once a year professional mattress cleaning service. Why? Because dust and dust mites accumulate in all sides and corners of your mattress.

For your expert cleaning service, you can bank on our highly trained cleaners.

Upholstery cleaning is one of your usual and daunting tasks in keeping your home and office comfortable and clean. Oftentimes, we tend to undermine the importance of regularly cleaning your upholstered furniture, as it can affect your health.


Upholstery cleaning service means we are going to deeply remove the stains, smell, and grime on the cushion and fabric covering your furniture. This furniture includes your sofa, armchairs, stools, love seats, leather furniture, recliners, ottomans, and others.


We take this task seriously because it can affect the quality of indoor air in your space. When your upholstered furniture is all dusty and smelly, it can cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions.


Our friendly and passionate cleaners have extensive knowledge and skills to safely clean the delicate fabric and padding of your upholstered furniture. If you are still looking for a professional upholstery cleaning service in Springfield VA, then Shiny Carpet Cleaning can be your best choice.

Cleaning the sensitive fabric and cushion of your upholstery is a daunting task that requires adept skills and specialized cleaning tools. These fabrics and paddings are usually made from delicate natural fibers like cotton and silk.


To ensure zero damage on your upholstery, Shiny Carpet Cleaning never do guesswork. Our cleaners have the right training, upholstery cleaning machine, and green cleaning solutions to perform upholstery steam cleaning process.


In addition, we always follow a systematic method of doing things. First, we will evaluate and inspect the fibers and the possible damages present. We are going to do that together with the client to ensure transparency.


After inspection, we are going to vacuum the thick layer of dust from your upholstered furniture. For rugs and carpets, we are going to vacuum both sides to greatly reduce dust accumulation. Then, we will pre-condition your upholstery to soften those stubborn stains and dirt.


Next to pre-conditioning is the steam cleaning your upholsteries. We are going to use hot pressurized water created from our truck mounts to aggressively dissolve all those stains and grime.


After, we are going to vacuum the excess water and use large air movers and dehumidifiers to efficiently dry it up. Special attention will be given to stains, pet danders, foul smell from pet urine, and poop.


Lastly, we are going to have a final inspection of the upholstery together with the client. When you hire a professional upholstery cleaning service, you are saving enough time from cleaning chores. Likewise, a deeply cleaned fabric and padding will ensure the increased quality of indoor air.


Overall, you and your family will be further away from sickness when your upholstery, rugs, carpets, and tiles are free from bacteria and pathogens.

If your upholstered furniture has the code “S”, then it must be dry cleaned. Why? Because it has a delicate fabric that can be damaged when cleaned with water. Instead of using water-based cleaning solutions, we will use a dry organic solvent for cleaning.


These dry organic solvents have the chance of destroying back coatings and adhesive on your upholstery, yet with proper precaution, it can be avoided. Using dry solvents for cleaning your sensitive upholstery is the safest and most efficient method of getting rid of the body oils.


Our cleaners at Shiny Carpet Cleaning are well-versed in the dry upholstery cleaning process. We can assure you that your sensitive fabrics won’t be damaged while restoring its pristine looks and cleanliness.


Likewise, our upholstery sofa cleaning is one of the best around Springfield and the Greater DMV Area. We follow the cleaning protocols imposed by most upholstery and furniture manufacturers in the area.

The usual range for professional upholstery cleaning cost is between $119 to $222, with a national average cost of $164. The rates for local upholstery cleaning services can be charged either per hour or per piece.


Moreover, there are other factors considered in the pricing process for professional cleaning service. These factors include the fabric type, size of the furniture, and other special cleaning add-ons (removal of stains and pet danders).

In addition, the upholstery steam cleaning cost is around $140 to $180 per upholstered furniture. So far, Shiny Carpet Cleaning offers the most just and fair price for local upholstery cleaning service in Springfield VA and the surrounding areas.


If you like to get a free estimate for your upholstery cleaning requirements, you can readily call our hotline today. Our rates are more economical and reasonable than the existing market prices, without compromising quality.


Call Now and experience how we can deeply sanitize and disinfect your upholstered furniture, tiles, grout, carpets, rugs, and mattresses.

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